Contributor to “50 Seeds of Greatness” by Germaine Moody …

In 2013, the world came together, responding to an urgent cause. No there wasn’t a natural disaster nor an international uproar, however something unsettling did happen. There was a global epidemic of greatness.


A spirit of oneness started to spread from nation to nation. 


Motivation floated across the seas, encouragement soared in the air.


Even while economic chaos, uncertainty, fear, and rumors of wars surfaced within and between several regions around the world, many of their citizens were being placed side by side, in peace, with hope and determination, boldness and vision, all in one book. Every ethnicity, every religion, every nationality, together. 


In “50 Seeds of Greatness”, written by author Germaine Moody, we are living to witness over 100 countries, united, as one human race, without any bias or disagreements, focused on one agenda…, 

to inspire the world. 


Be mindful of the power we now share in this book and the power within ourselves.


Be aware of the hour. Be attentive to the opportunity. 


Now is the time to activate and release your own greatness. This is your moment. Be great.

Charles Hawkins Co., Inc.

Nashville, TN — January 22, 2013 — The Chas. Hawkins Co., Inc./CORFAC International is pleased to announce that Robert Stout was the company’s top producer for 2012.  “Robert’s tenacity and desire to provide tremendous client service drove Robert to the top,” said Patrick Brakefield, Senior Vice President and Director of the company.  “Robert brings a remarkable focus and intensity to his client’s needs, and his demonstrated market expertise and his repeat and referral business are testaments to the effectiveness of Robert’s efforts,” said Brakefield.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University in 1988, Robert founded, owned and operated three retail and service companies.  Over fifteen years ago, Robert entered the commercial real estate brokerage business.  In 2012, Robert achieved his SIOR designation, which is the premier credential for commercial real estate agents. Throughout his career, Robert has had a continuous pattern of success.

Congratulations, Robert.

Robert Stout, SIOR
Chas. Hawkins…

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So many inquiries, so little time

We’ve had a great 2012 and 2013 looks to be off to a fast start.  So much so that we are looking to expand our pool of Tenant Rep Brokers! has been extremely busy with our Portland, Denver, and San Diego launches and here is a brief summary of 2012:

  • Launched Portland, OR (Jan 2012), Denver, CO (June 2012), San Diego, CA (Dec 2012) AND
  • 243,000 visitors
  • 2,200,000 building views
  • 1,900 leads directly to listing brokers
  • Approx. 10,000 calls to listing brokers

We’re very proud of these results, however, we’re just getting started.

Destination for Tenants is where many tenants who are just starting to look for space first enter the market. We’re talking to these potential tenants, sometimes they simply request some marketing and listing contact information. Other times, these are tenants who are ready and willing to work with a Broker and…

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Centex Homes has been situated among the top 10 makers for over 40 years and traded publically on the London stock exchange. Many of these kind of owners have mobile home theme parks that have a large emptiness due to the glut with repossessed mobile colorado real estate closing costs caused caused by the mobile home industry becoming a fire hazard in the late 1990’s. Toll Brothers is undoubtedly publically traded and headquartered through Horsham, Pennsylvania.

real estate

So, if you ended up trying to calculate property taxation for a Berkeley County natural priced $300,000, you can be expecting to pay roughly $2,100 a great year for taxes. If an individual development happening in a frequently close vicinity, you still come with investors that are willing to buy the land to hold in order to until the development reaches location. Note that no gift tax burden would be paid but any kind…

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